We are very proud to present our International Kam Lung Pro team. Our team is still growing every month.

Today, new professional fighters are added. At this moment the Kam Lung pro team consists of more than 105 professional fighters coming from the following countries: The Netherlands, Portugal, France, Norway, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Russia and recently also from Asia: China, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia.

International Kam Lung Pro team: The choice of many fighters around the world!

The management of the Kam Lung Pro team is under supervision of Sijou van der Spek in cooperation with the coaches of the fighters. If you are interested in any of our fighters, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange everything on time.

Please contact Sijou by email: info@kamlung.nl or by mobile telephone: 0031(0)625.235.736